The Garden

Two of the most interesting spaces in the house are the gardens. The lower garden is the ideal spot for a cocktail before dinner or simply to relax under the giant Araucaria tree. It's a formal garden with boxwoods, where you can find various types of rose bushes, a collection of succulent plants, and some archaeological pieces.

From this garden, which is limited by a large cistern, you access the "courtyard", an Alentejo corridor with a paved floor, where meals can be served and, from there, you go up to the so-called upper garden, with a heated pool, leaning against an old dovecote and several living areas.

Here there are several fruit trees, an organic vegetable garden for the house's consumption, some living areas, and on the upper level, another dining area with a barbecue and a view of the parish church and the castle, where you can have lunch outdoors, surrounded by fragrances and various shades of green.

Step inside and come discover Casa de Santiago, a unique place where the past and present combine for a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience.